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Jeremy est inscrit depuis le 23/02/2016.
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Avis de sur Bédat Pierre , le 23/02/2016
I made a first appointment with Dr Bédat and it was a horrible experience. I was 10 mins late for our appointment which I sent him a message to apologize and notify. I arrived for the appointment still, without any response from him that it was a problem. And he greets me at the door with nothing more then the words "too late", a shoulder shrug, zero smile and then started to walk away. Not a, sorry we don't have time, want to reschedule? Or something remotely polite. Just a cold shoulder. To a person who came to him in pain. Not professional or sensitive at all. I can see being late is an issue but things happen. No reason to be completely rude. This is not the sort of person you want helping you through pain and issues. Stay away.
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